Special thanks to our friends.

Special thanks to our friends.

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Current Projects

Providing fans to inmates

In the summer months, in prison facilities all across the United States, individuals in custody who are doing their time and being restricted from their freedom, do so in buildings without air conditioning, without any air movement. Meaning that prisoner’s cells are like hot ovens.

While it’s natural of some Americans to believe that the prisoner is getting what they deserve, especially since they have done terrible behavior to earn a prison sentence, as Christ-followers we believe that we must have a different mindset towards those who are incarcerated because Jesus commanded us to treat the marginalized with compassion because when we do so, we are loving Jesus.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Illinois was created by Chicago Public School teacher, Paul Brush. While visiting a former student, who is now incarcerated in Illinois, Brush discovered he was having difficulty breathing due to asthma. His former student explained that the sweltering and muggy conditions within the prison were aggravating his condition.

Brush was determined to find a solution. He contacted an official within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), and after some research and planning, they granted Brush permission to bring large industrial fans to their penitentiary’s day rooms or where the incarcerated socialize in groups when they are not in their individual cells. Both inmates and workers in the facilities will benefit from the movement of air within the buildings.

Our discounted cost for each fan is $342.66 which is a 54% discount off the regular price of a 36-inch industrial fan. We are grateful to Grainger for offering our organization such a generous discount. Our 2nd project is providing 6-inch table top fans for individuals in custody who cannot afford them. These small fans are used in their cells where they sleep. Each one costs $10.96. The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) has given us permission to donate money to funding those fans.

As of today, we have delivered 0  fans to Illinois River Correctional