Special thanks to our friends.

Special thanks to our friends.

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Donate to EFS of Illinois

Help us buy fans for individuals in custody

Our discounted cost for each 36-inch industrial fan is $342.66. We are grateful to Grainger for offering our organization such a generous discount. Our 2nd project is providing 6-inch table top fans for individuals in custody who cannot afford them. These small fans are used in their cells where they sleep. Each one costs $10.96.

With your help we can provide better living conditions for individuals in custody during the summer.

Our current goal is 15 industrial fans at Henry Hill Correctional Facility

Why you should donate?

We have the opportunity to buy fans that will physically and emotionally impact individuals who are already dealing with the significance of being incarcerated. Providing compassion to people is about giving them mercy whether they deserve it or not. And we should be ready to provide mercy to people because 1) we’ll need compassion some day and 2) Christ showed us mercy by dying on the cross for us.

Your donation can be the difference.

A small individual donation is enough to make a difference in someone’s life. When you donate not only you are actively helping someone in need, you are showing the men and women in custody that people in Illinois care for their well-being.

Monthly Blog on our Progress

FAQ about Donations

We will send you a receipt of your donation and at the end of the year we will send you a summary of what you contributed in 2022.